Release: 1.3.0
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Author:  Kiwi Developer [ Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  Release: 1.3.0

[February 27, 2008]

Version 1.3.0

New features:
- New Tool: Windows startup processes editor
- New Tool: Manual execution of advanced rules
- Kiwi can now be password protected
- Menu Tools (startup, process explorer, manual execution)
- Process Explorer now includes a column with the process's icons
- Process Explorer window now remembers size and position
- Edit a process window can now be resized
- New condition: System: YY instances of XX app running
- New condition: XX app: pause and resume
- New condition: XX app: is/not paused
- New condition: This app: title changes
- New condition: Kiwi: only manual execution
- Condition: This app is inactive for XX mins now includes a tolerance field
- New action: XX app: handle window (can be minimized, maximized or restored)
- New action: XX app: close every instance
- Action: Start XX app now can include variables in the parameters text field
- New variables: app_description, app_inactive_time, app_start_time
- Advanced Rules are now stored in a separate database, enabling you to easily copy them from Kiwi to Kiwi
- Improved new version notification window
- Settings: data collecting for the statistics can be turned off

Bug fixes:
- 2 icons in system tray (sometimes)
- Main window progress bar was sometimes outside the window
- Optimized the system resources use
- Kiwi settings would not port to a new version

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