Release: 1.1.3
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Author:  Kiwi Developer [ Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Release: 1.1.3

[September 29, 2008]

Release: 1.1.3

New functions:
- Each monitored application can have it's Alerts and Actions (can be set to alert when an application starts, ends,... set to close an application when certain criteria is met,... more info on the main home page)
- Every monitored application can have it's system priority level and prioroty boost changed, also the maximum and minimum working set (RAM usage) in the advanced information window
- User activity statistics (did the mouse move or was a key pressed?), with detailed statistics
- Mouse cursor movement recodrs (how much was the mouse moved), with detailed statistics
- Keys pressed (how many keys were pressed at any time), with detailed statistics
- The right panel in the main window can be set to show the selected application's info, windows info or user activity info
- All the charts in the detailed statistics can be saved as an Image
- Log (all the executed alerts or actions are recorded here + failed actions)
- The notify Icon (the icon when the application is minimized into system tray) displays system running time

- background hard drive load has been reduced
- Edit an application window was showing the wrong caption

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